Improve Your Child's Brain Development

A practice based learning device in which children learn by solving mental math audio questions.


Track Progress Instantly On Your Mobile Phone

The Dashboard updates quickly so you always know if your child is on track or needs help.

Key Features

2000+ Questions

Practice Makes Perfect


Over 2000 audio questions to practice and improve your child’s mathematical skills.

Age (6-12 Years)

Designed for Primary School Kids


Improves brain development for children between the age group of 6 and 12 years.

Zero Screen Time

Protect Eyes from Mobile Screens

Excessive screen time can take a toll on children’s wellbeing, including how their eyes feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Xonzi?
    Xonzi is an audio learning device designed to improve mental math skills of primary school children.
  2. What is Xonzi’s philosophy/ vision?
    Xonzi boosts memory and confidence in children by making them practice 2000+ math questions with no screen time.
  3. How Xonzi improves academic skills of children?
    Xonzi improves brain development by making children solve math questions in their mind which improves overall academic skills.
  4. Can we answer the multiple choice questions through voice instead of keyboard?
    No, for accuracy and privacy reasons Xonzi only accepts keyboard input. This also improves eye hand brain coordination.
  5. How Xonzi differs from traditional learning method?
    Xonzi instantly evaluates answers and provides an extra chance in case the keyed in answer is incorrect. Xonzi also protects children from internet misuse and eye diseases.