Xonzi Learning

A practice based learning solution in which children learn by solving audio quizzes and olympiad level workbook questions.

Zero Screen Time

Excessive screen time can take a toll on children’s wellbeing, including how their eyes feel.

Xonzi is an audio and workbook based learning that  prevents your child from symptoms such as Eye Fatigue, Blurry Vision and Dry Eyes.

Key Features

Mental Maths

Doing Math Quickly in Your Head


Improves number sense and basic arithmetic rules at speed without using pencil or paper.

Exercise Books

Practice Makes Perfect


Exercise books are crafted to allow self-learning and consists of 5000+ olympiad questions.

Spelling Bee

Boosts Memory and Confidence

Your child’s confidence, memory and range of words grows with every quiz they take part in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Xonzi’s philosophy/ vision?
    Xonzi boosts memory and confidence in children by making them solve difficult questions easily with minimal screen time.
  2. How Xonzi improves academic skills of children?
    Xonzi improves mental math, vocabulary and problem solving skills of children through audio quizzes and multiple choice workbooks.
  3. What type of olympiad questions are covered in Xonzi?
    Xonzi assists children in practicing multiple choice olympiad questions on english, maths, science and general knowledge.
  4. Can we answer the multiple choice questions through voice instead of keyboard?
    No, for accuracy and privacy reasons xonzi only accepts keyboard input. This improves eye hand brain coordination.
  5. How to use Xonzi while solving olympiad workbooks?
    Xonzi contains the answer keys of workbook questions and  evaluates the keyed in answers.
  6. How Xonzi differs from traditional workbook learning method?
    Xonzi instantly evaluates answers and provides an extra chance in case the keyed in answer is incorrect. This motivates children to attempt more questions with minimal involvement of parents.